The Top 3 Soft Motorcycle Luggage

You’ll want to go on a motorbike journey if you ride long enough. You’ll need things when you decide to go on a trip. The problem is that you’ll have way too much stuff to store, so you’ll need a lot of storage space. Soft luggage serves as a good. While the majority of you are aware of the definition of soft luggage, if you’re not, each bag has some sort of textile exterior and is not constructed from a hard-shell plastic or metal. Now, there are a million and one different possibilities when it comes to motorcycles and their luggage. We’ve chosen a few different options to appeal to a wide range of motorbikes in this article. They’re all at least water-resistant and only one is motorcycle-specific.

Biltwell EXFIL 80 Sissy Bar Bag

Having a lot of stuff with you is one thing. Packing it all carefully and keeping everything organized is another. The Biltwell EXFIL 80 can carry everything you need for a motorbike journey while still being neatly packed. As an added benefit, the large external tool compartment on the outside is padded, allowing you to lay your back against it. Tool and smaller stuff are readily accessible without having to take the bag off your bike since it simply unzips to expose them. The bag has a capacity of 55 litres and is UV-treated and water-resistant. A waterproof cover is stored in one of the compartments if you want additional weather protection.

Givi XS307 XStream Tanklock 15L Tank Bag

Tank bags come in a variety of sizes, but the Givi XS307 XStream Tanklock’s 15-liter capacity is a nice middle-ground for keeping virtually everything. The bag is meant to be used with Givi’s TankLock system, which is a ring around the gas cap that “clicks” into position and stays secure. A pull-tab then opens the bag when you need to remove it. This eliminates the necessity for magnets or straps to keep the tank bag in position and provides a simple, yet sturdy and secure foundation. The tank bag itself can remain tiny as shown in the photo above, or it may expand up to its 15-litre capacity to hold a lot. There’s a shoulder strap for carrying the bag off the bike, as well as media ports to connect cables and gadgets to your devices. Finally, if you’re old school and prefer maps, there’s an integrated map pocket. It can also keep a GPS device, and the touchscreen-friendly panel ensures that it’ll still work in the holder.

Kriega US-30 Drypack

Some sportbike or sports-bike riders, on the other hand, continue to desire a weekend excursion. It’s for this reason that the Kriega US-30 Drypack was created. The 30-litre version seen here is a nice middle-ground for most people, and it’s available in bigger and smaller sizes. It can be used on just about any vehicle, but it’s ideal for sportbikes. The waterproof bag may be fastened directly to the bike’s subframe or firmly secured underneath the seat. The pack is connected or disconnected by four quick-release buckles, with no need for extra bungees or rain covers. Tail packs of up to 90 litres may be carried without any loose straps thanks to US Alloy Hook Straps.

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