3 Smart Tips for Luggage Cleaning and Maintenance

1.) Examine and clean your hand luggage.

Before placing your luggage anywhere, make sure it’s clean and free of stains, tears, or damp patches. Over time, tumbling through airports, baggage claim areas, automobile trunks, truck tires, and other horror stories will wear down your suitcases.

To keep them in good condition, look for any damp areas on your luggage that might provide mould or mildew. After unpacking, remove any litter you find, turn out the pockets, and give your bag a shake to remove any dirt and sand particles.

If you’re feeling up to it, give your luggage a thorough clean using this technique from Eagle Creek. Here’s how it works: Clean your suitcase manually with a moist cloth for the inside, and warm water and a sponge for the outside. After that, leave it to dry. It’s really simple.

2.) Before putting your luggage away, double-check its arrangement.

Lauren Williams, a professional organizer and founder of Casual Uncluttering LLC advises last looking at your luggage before storing it to ensure it’s as slim and compact as possible. This entails making sure all internal pockets are properly folded and that any expandable regions on your bag are secured.

“It may seem silly, but closing the set of zippers that adds an extra inch can sometimes make a difference,” states Williams.

All of these things, as well as buckles, clasps, and detachable straps, should be thought about.

3.) Choose the appropriate spot to keep your luggage safe.

Double-check that your bags are being stored in an area with low humidity. Moisture accumulation and mould can occur in any location where there is a lot of humidity, causing the destruction of your bag’s integrity or turning its sleek, elegant appearance unsightly.

Avoid any areas that are exposed to direct sunlight, since too much sun on your bag will cause it to fade over time. While you’re at it, make sure your bag is in a bug- and pest-free environment, as well as far from sharp objects that might fall and scratch or rip it.

If you want to take further measures to ensure that your luggage lasts a long time, Williams suggests purchasing a luggage cover to keep dust, mildew, and dirt off of it. Amazon has a wide range of luggage covers available in many different colours, styles, and patterns.