When verifying your Celine Luggage Tote, there are a few things to keep an eye out for. These few pointers will guarantee that your new Celine Luggage Tote is genuine:

1. Heat Stamping

The Céline logo, on the other hand, should have an accent aigu (right-pointing accent), above the initial “e,” and “Paris” printed beneath. The emphasis is no longer on the bags in the Fall of 2018. Fonts should not be thick and unclear or thin and faint.

On the inside label of your tote, you’ll see “Made In Italy” in caps. The logos on various size totes will vary. The logo is embossed on a leather tab on Nano Luggage Totes.

The heat stamp colour always matches the hardware hue – some materials are simply imprinted.

On the outside of the all python luggage (which was only available in the Nano size), there is no heat stamp between the handles.

2. Serial Number

On luggage tote labels, look for a leather tab in the back interior pocket for the serial number.

The serial code can be difficult to figure out, and Céline offers a number of options for displaying it. The embossing’s thickness, form, and font vary, making it difficult for authenticators.

The display format of the serial number is always the same. It looks like this: one letter, two letters, and four numbers. The sections will be separated by a dash throughout.

The numbers and letters on the bag’s label show where it was manufactured. The first and third digits represent the week in which it was produced, while the second and fourth digits are for the year. For example, ‘S-PA-0122’ indicates that the bag was created in 2012’s second week.

However, certain bags have a single line of numbers, while others have two lines. Others also contain the words “Made in Italy,” which may be seen on a single line of digits or two lines.

The leather tab is not supposed to be curved, according to many Celine authentication instructions. This isn’t the case. On genuine tabs, you’ll encounter curves and straight edges.

3. Zipper

Céline does not use brand name zippers in their luggage, unlike many other fashion firms. The backs of the bags should be simple and unadorned. The number eight is sometimes marked on the end of the zipper, for example. On Luggage Totes, antiqued zippers are acceptable, and they should never be brassy or glossy. Zippers with D-Rings that are big enough to leave room on either side of the leather pull are preferred.

4. Lining

Céline has always featured high-quality, sturdy leather on their bags, which contributes to the bags’ hefty weight. The Luggage Totes will have a matching leather interior. Micro-suede will line smooth calfskin luggage totes. Nylon linings are utilized in pebbled or drummed leather handbags.

5. Shoulder Strap

The hardware is frequently a telltale indication of a fraudulent item. Many counterfeiters get this detail incorrect, leading to faulty hardware. The hardware on genuine Céline goods is silver and gold-tone and has an aged and tarnished finish, while the hardware on most fakes is extremely shiny.

There are several factors to consider when purchasing hardware. The two images below are examples of real and fraudulent hardware. Here’s why the ring on the genuine clasp is curved, as opposed to the straight edge on the phony hardware: authentic clasps come with a curved ring at the bottom, while false hardware has a straight edge.

Secondly, the clasp on the left is completely different from the clasp on the right. The counterfeit model has four distinct rings that are separated by gaps. There are three rings in the genuine model, with no breaks between them.

Finally, Look at the ‘Céline’ engraving. The word on the real one begins at the top of the clasp. On a fake one, the text is read from bottom to top instead. It’s a common mistake by counterfeiters.

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