6 Packing Tips to Help Kids Load Their Luggage

By using these six easy techniques, you can teach your children how to pack their own suitcases, so you don’t have to.

Have you checked the pricing for your tickets? Have they been booked yet? Have you made any reservations for accommodation? This time, I won’t be packing for the entire family. Using these ideas, teach your kids how to pack like professionals, and you won’t spend the journey concerned that their luggage is filled with only toys.

1. Make two checklists.

To ensure that your children’s belongings travel from point A to point B, you don’t need to pack everything. With your children, write out a list of things for their luggage—this might include clothing and shoes. After that, make a second list of items for their personal carry-on luggage (such as a backpack or duffel bag), which may include a handheld video game, food, and toiletries.

2. Set aside a chunk of time for family packing.

Set aside two hours for the family to pack together rather than giving the kids a packing deadline (which is sure to be missed). Set this up on the day before you depart (not the day of), so you don’t have to hurry. Schedule it right after laundry day so that everything that you and your family members want to take is clean and in its proper drawer or closet. Make certain there’s enough supervision so that an oversized stuffed gorilla doesn’t slip into your luggage inadvertently!

3. Help your kids make smart outfit choices.

If you’re travelling with your family, follow these guidelines when packing clothing: every shirt must go with every pair of pants or skirt. White items can more easily get dirty. And there’s no need to pack one outfit for each day of the trip—this isn’t the red carpet, after all. It’s a good idea to bring enough socks and underpants for every day of your vacation since they become sweaty and filthy to wear without washing.

4. Allocate only a small space for non-essential toys.

It’s time to pick favourites now that not every plush animal may go on a camping trip. Allow only one Pack-It Cube to be filled with toys or trinkets for your children. This restriction will teach them the importance of prioritizing when packing and give them the option to bring at least one comforting item from home. Cubes also keep everything in its place because they are stacked on top of each other.

5. Pre-pile before loading in.

Help the youngsters arrange neat stacks of items from the checklists next to their suitcases. Then assist them in optimizing the space in their luggage by teaching them how to use the Pack-ITM System and packing suggestions (such as packing socks inside shoes and rolling things instead of folding them). This is also an excellent opportunity to double-check that necessary goods haven’t been forgotten.

6. Pack a surprise gift for long rides.

Add a new, quirky (and cost-effective) toy or game to your child’s personal carry-on that he or she may find on the road. For toddlers, a colouring book and crayons are great; for older children, grab a sketchpad and coloured pencils (and a sharpener!)