What Should You Know About Luggage Straps? — and the Best Ones to Purchase

Checking a suitcase usually, causes worry: Will it be there when I get there? With everything in it? Taking an extra step after packing to anchor the bag with luggage straps can help.

Whether you have a soft side or hard-side suitcase, there’s a chance that the zipper or clasp will break, especially if the bag is packed to the brim — who doesn’t squeeze in one more item and then struggle to close the bag? Even on high-quality suitcases, a knock or fall on a corner may stress the closing. The suitcase will remain closed and the contents safe thanks to its shoulder strap.

The bright straps make it simpler to spot your bag on the carousel when you arrive. Some brands include a TSA-approved lock and identification tag to boost safety. For just a few dollars spent on luggage straps and a few minutes of time, you may provide yourself with some comfort while travelling.

Blue Costo Luggage Strap

This heavy-duty adjustable luggage strap is made of sturdy poly and plastic material, and its buckle closure ensures safety.

Darller Luggage Straps

The bright colours, as well as the secure quick-release buckle and simple closure, of this adjustable luggage strap, will appeal to most travellers.

X-maker Bungee Luggage Straps

This strap is constructed of high-quality Oxford cloth with sturdy microfiber elastic straps and a plastic buckle, making it ideal for securing your suitcase or linking goods for easier handling.

Tranvers Heavy Duty Luggage Strap

The durable webbing strap, which can be adjusted to fit 16-inch to 32-inch suitcases, has a fast-release buckle, built-in address tag, and is available in a variety of colours.

AOGOGO Bungee Luggage Straps, 2-pack

These bungee-style straps with high-quality microfiber elastic straps, tough Oxford cloth, and plastic locks allow you to secure a suitcase or connect two parts for easy handling.

Blue Costo Luggage Strap with TSA-approved Combination Lock

For extra protection, these heavy-duty adjustable straps with and without a TSA lock may be used together.

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