The 3 Best Ride-On Luggage for Children in 2022

Riding on luggage can be a lifesaver for young kids travelling through long airport corridors, and it’s also lots of fun for them. We’ve had many an airport Trunki race on our children’s ride-on suitcases thanks to the Trunks.

The downsides of riding on luggage for toddlers are that they are hefty and that, inevitably, you will have to carry them at some time – particularly when carrying a sleeping child.

You should also exercise caution: I yanked the strap too hard and too fast one time, sending my daughter flying backwards off the back of the bag. My friend’s daughter got stitches on her chin after being hurt in a children’s ride-on luggage accident.


The Trunki is a well-known children’s ride-on suitcase, and it comes in a variety of bright colours and designs, including ladybirds, zebra horses, London buses, and pirate ships.

With a capacity of 18 litres, this suitcase is large enough to hold everything the kids will need on the plane, including textbooks, water bottles, and clothes changes. With an 18 litre capacity, this suitcase is big enough to hold everything the kids need on the plane, including books, water bottles, and clothing changes.

This youngster’s hardshell luggage is sturdy enough to withstand them sitting on it and nothing inside gets damaged. Our Trunks have been banged about a lot and are still in excellent working order, thanks to the lightweight polypropylene shell that is very durable!

Jet Kids BedBox

The Jet Kids BedBox goes one step further than ride-on luggage by extending as a leg rest on aeroplanes and allowing small children to recline flat.

The top, which is designed to be the same height as an airline seat, lifts off to reveal a washable mattress that may be folded out to make a flatbed for your children.

Zinc Flyte Kids Scooter

To make travelling long airport corridors easy and enjoyable, this youngster’s rolling bag converts into a scooter. It has a storage capacity of 25 litres and is suitable for children’s cabin luggage in a variety of fun designs, including Polly the Panda and Snapper the Shark.

The Stormi’s children’s travel bag can hold up to 110 pounds and is suitable for kids 4 years old and older, as well as those weighing up to 110 pounds. A reduced version is also available for 2-4-year-olds.

This kid’s travel case has a scooter that folds up and locks in place when you need to store it in the plane’s overhead locker, or at home.